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Help for those grieving the loss
of a beloved animal companion

Whether you are grieving the loss of a dog, cat, horse or any animal you loved, support is here. If you are troubled about euthanasia decisions or feel burdened by guilt, you’re at the right place.

Losing a beloved animal companion can bring a special kind of grief. Sometimes friends or family can’t understand the deep sorrow we experience from such a loss. “It’s just a dog … just a cat. Get over it.” They don’t get it.

In our programs and support provided here, Jacquelyne Ellis, an intuitive reader and animal communicator, and partner Aron Dana Fox, certified hypnotherapist, can help you heal from the complicated grief of loving and losing an animal friend.

We provide free support here at our website as well as economical, holistic self study programs for when:

  • Your Animal Companion is Dying
  • Your Animal Companion has Died
  • Your Animal Companion is Missing
  • You Had To Surrender or Re-home Your Animal Companion


Each self study program includes written teachings and audio journeys to help you – or a friend or family member – to begin healing from the loss of an animal companion.


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