Your Support Team

Jacque and Aron met in 1990 during a hypnotherapy training. They immediately formed a working relationship and later a personal one. Jacque was busy doing intuitive readings, breath work and energy work. Aron began providing hypnotherapy for clients. They started teaching workshops together. Later as partners in life, became a family that included several remarkable terriers.

your-support-team180px“It has been over 22 years now. Together we have grieved the loss of numerous beloved animal friends. During the past two years it became obvious to us that there is a great need for those grieving the loss of an animal companion for some kind of personal support. So we combined our individual strengths, training and experience to serve that need”

Jacquelyne – “Every day, as a professional intuitive reader, I connect with people who are in crisis or deeply grieving due to loving and losing an animal companion. The fact that I hear about this often twice a day tells me there is a need for personalized, holistic support. Aron’s work takes us inward to the space between worlds where our inner sanctuary is. He can help you work with your subconscious to resolve stuck patterns of guilt and grief. There you can also experience your Super conscious to grow inner resources and renewed strength. I am confident you will find our combined approach to this work truly holistic and personal.”

Aron – “I love assisting those who are ready to get past the pain of loss. If you have felt burdened by loss and guilt, my work will help liberate you from heavy emotions so you can reclaim your life. And this kind of work can open you to greater intuitive exchanges with your animal friend. By the way I must say how wonderful it has been watching Jacque do her intuitive work. She has a way of empathically “listening” to both humans and animals which is so valuable. This can provide the bigger view which is a comfort while experiencing grief.”

ode-to-doodle450pxWe have weathered the trauma resulting from loving and losing an animal companion. We understand your loss and are ready to support you.

Let the healing begin.




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