Frequently Asked Questions About Aron’s work

During a session with you would I be hypnotized?
I say no to the common public misconceptions of hypnosis. However you will likely enter a state of hypnotic awareness. That means your expanded consciousness takes you to your inner realms.

I keep a lid on my emotions. If I enter my deep feelings during our interactive session, I might have a landslide of emotion. I might lose control.
I understand how scary it can feel. But I have the training and experience to coach you through what we call an emotional release. That is often an important part of the journey, to release toxic energy. And because my work is interactive, it’s as if we do it together.

Q: What will I remember afterward?
A: Everything you felt, seen or heard.

Q: Why is your work effective?
A: Because it’s interactive, all of the decisions made and all of the energetic shifts performed in session are done by you in the subconscious. When you actively participate in shifting your own subconscious, you can re-design your emotional life for the better. I’m simply your coach.

Q: How many interactive sessions will I need to feel better?
A: Most of my clients find great relief after just two sessions. And frequently they schedule ”tune-up” sessions from time to time afterward.

Should I look for more support than your grief care programs?
A: Probably. Self care is up to you.

For an interactive session what’s needed on my end?
A: For your audio gear:

  • A telephone with either a speaker or headphones.
  • For your video gear: A webcam for Facetime or Skype.
  • Your surroundings must be free of any potential interruptions—phones, people, pets.
  • Two hours of privacy and quiet time, if possible, is preferred.
  • Open mind, open heart and self trust

Q: I want a custom designed journey for my grief. How?
A: First, fill in the questionnaire. Next, you will have a brief discussion with Aron. That gives him what he needs.

Q: How soon will I receive my custom journey?
A: About a week’s time.

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