Frequently Asked Questions About Jacquelyne’s work.

Q: What is meant by animal soul?
A: The eternal consciousness. The vaster and deeper aspect of the animal beyond personality. Those of you here at this site, no doubt know this. The animal soul is different from human souls primarily in that animals do not require the learning and growing through trial and error. They do not need to learn compassion, or open the heart as they have that. They do not search their lives to discover their purpose or struggle with feelings of separation and alienation because they are never apart from their source or sense of Self. Nor do they carry with them in the afterlife the burdens of unresolved psychological issues like blame, guilt, resentment, shame, etc like we humans do. And from birth till death animals live without the complication of religion.

Q: About my email or twenty minute reading, what if I have concerns about an animal(s) that are not mine? Can these be part of my questions?
A: Yes.

Q: How accurate are you?
A: Around 85%.

Q: Can I ask medical questions?
A: Sure though medical or physical body issues is not my strength as an intuitive.

Q: How do get your information?
A: I would describe it as an intuitive-telepathic communication. I translate the non-verbal animal messages, serving as a liaison between the two of you.

Q: Another reader gave me information very different from yours. What should I do?
A: Each reader has a unique and personal point of view. If another reader’s message sharply differs from mine, feel into yourself for what is the higher truth. Trust yourself.

Q: Do you need a picture?
A: Not at all. But I do appreciate the pictures. Love to see your animal.

Q: Does it matter if my animal friend died a long time ago?
A: No. I can still tune in.

Q: What if my animal friend is far away?
A: It does not matter at all, I can still tune in.

Q: How long does it take to receive an email reading response?
A: Five to six days.

Q: For my email, If I have only two questions at this time can I use the other one later?
A: No. But you can purchase another email package of up to three live email reading responses. It is impossible to keep track of with the volume of email requests.

Q: How can I make the most out of a 20 minute live reading?
A: Have your individual questions carefully in mind. Watch the clock.

Q: Do you call me for the session?
A: No. You call me at 208-244-6773

Q: Are these sessions recorded?
A: Yes if you wish and made available as downloadable MP3 to your email at no cost. Or if you prefer on cd disc mailed to you for a $15 burning and shipping charge.

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