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Hello. I’m Aron Dana Fox. I have been on a quest for personal emotional and psychic healing for most of my life. I was lead to explore numerous methods, teachers and trainings. In 1990 I began hypnotherapy trainings. Those trainings provided a safe environment for me to experience self discovery and to accelerate my own emotional healing. I got in touch with my own inner selves, those sub-personalities which we all have, like our inner child.

The skills I learned there have been very valuable for my clients for over twenty years. I call them Interactive Sessions. They are a blend of guided meditation, voice dialogue and hypnotic awareness. They are interactive because during a session you and I are in verbal dialogue. And with hypnotic awareness we will dialogue with the subconscious mind. In that deep and sacred place—your Inner Sanctuary we can make rapid and permanent changes for the better.

picture of Aron.I am applying my training and experience to assist those experiencing this special kind of grief caused by losing an animal companion. One of my beloved dogs was dying from Addison’s disease and was euthanized while laying in my arms. I’ve also learned what it’s like to have to care for an old frail dog. She by the way got lost in the forest one night. Scary! So, from first hand experience I know how heart rending this kind of grief is. We try to ignore those who tell us: “It’s just a dog, a cat or a horse. Get over it.” They just don’t get it.

If your issue is the searing pain of loss, we can handle that. Releasing the heavy emotions and bringing in healing light while in a state of hypnotic awareness is especially effective. This is not just another round of weeping. You are reaching into your deep inner sanctuary with me as your compassionate coach. I can help you to clean out your closet. It’s as if you could re-arrange your “emotional furniture”.

If your grief is amplified with guilt you have grief on steroids! We can handle that as well. I can assist you with guilt, even if it is amplified with your Inner Critic. You can navigate to a piece about the inner critic that I wrote. You might already know what that is. That critical voice in our heads can be relentless.

Custom Healing Meditation

Give yourself the benefit of a personal healing meditation recorded by Aron specifically for your needs. It’s incredibly powerful when repeated because it reinforces healing and brings out the best in you. It starts with the questionnaire.


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The Ultimate Guilt Solution:
Interactive Sessions
with Aron Fox, Cht.

You can have therapeutic help in the comfort of your home. All you need is a headset or speakerphone and privacy. It only takes one or two interactive sessions to shift your grief permanently. My sessions are much more than counseling. You can release toxic emotions and transform guilt on a deeper level. It starts with the questionnaire. $199

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call or text Aron at 208-244-6773


What is an Interactive Session?

Here’s how it goes briefly. I will have already received a filled in questionnaire from you. So I have an idea of what your issues are. Yet I’d like to chat with you first to feel connected. Hopefully we have video. That will make it easier.

You would have set aside two hours during which no interruptions are allowed. You may choose a comfortable chair or a recliner to sit it. Your equipment has been tested and is working so you don’t have to monitor it.

What equipment will I need?

Audio Speakerphone. It must be loud and clear enough for my voice. It’s not sufficient if you must effort to understand me.
Headset. Much better, especially binaural for both ears. If you wear wireless hearing aids, pair them to your cell phone for excellent speech clarity.

Video It really helps for us to see one another. And the video camera will help me monitor you during our interactive session.
Skype or Facetime works. We’ll test our gear in advance.

And relax listening to the sound of my voice. My interactive sessions involve an active dialogue between me and you. You are deeply relaxed. Your attention is focused on the imagination with expanded awareness.

Once you enter that deeply relaxed state of hypnotic awareness you can enter the subconscious. Even though you are deep within you can still hear my voice and converse with me from the subconscious.

Interactive sessions are much more than counseling and more rapid than talk therapy. My work is not limited to mere affirmations or subliminal suggestions. And I use no prepared scripts. This is a dynamic client centered approach in which you have the power of choice at all times.

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