Jacque, Intuitive & Animal Communicator

I am Jacque. I am an animal lover and dog mom. I am also a full time professional intuitive and animal communicator. I have recorded nearly 26,000 sessions with an International clientele, nearly all referred by word of mouth.  Twenty per cent of my clients are readers themselves. So I have often been referred to as the “reader for readers”.  Professionally I have had the privilege of speaking with well over 18,000 domestic animals usually because they are in the process of dying, have passed away, are missing or have been surrendered. And their people love them very much. So they call me.

I have been a sensitive intuitive and clairaudient person all my life. I use these abilities to tune in, sense, hear and feel energetically during sessions.  This allows me to provide information and support for those of you grieving the loss of an animal companion.

jacque-and-sam250pxIn my life I have had to say goodbye to 8 beloved dog friends. When I lost my first dog Spice, I had to seek professional assistance. I booked sessions with animal communicators and a therapist.  I also took a class about grieving the loss of an animal friend. I was a wreak and could not cope otherwise. I feel crushed every time I say goodbye to one of my dogs. It never gets easier. When my precious Silky passed several years ago I wailed for days. I wore her little sweater tucked into my shirts around my heart  for weeks, till it only smelled like me and no longer her. I so get how devastating loving and losing an animal companion can be. So, I will give you compassionate understanding for your time of loss.

There are four programs to choose from here at Pet Loss Grief Care.
Whether your animal friend is dying, has already passed away, is missing or you had to surrender them, you will find many tools, suggestions and insights provided to guide and help carry you through this painful journey.

We call Pet Loss Grief Care holistic because the programs include material to assist you mentally learning new things that can bring understanding. The programs also include spiritual practices addressing the sacred to soothe your soul. There are tools and techniques to support your heart and physical activities as well where you can take action in your physical world.
picture of Jacque at work.It is an honor for me to be here for you. I know too that if I can help to lift the heavy excruciating burden of this pain from your heart, even a little, that serves your animal friend and that delights my heart and soul. It is for both you and the animals you know and love that this service was created.”

Namaste. Jacque



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