“Waggy Tail” Testimonials

The fact that I could play the audios or read the documents several times, any time I want to is a valuable aspect. I went through most of the program in a week but went back through some of the pieces and got more out of it the second time. So comforting! Thanks for this.

Richard Besler, Chef and dog trainer    Virginia   

It was so healing and comforting to hear how animals who are re-homed see the whole experience, at least if they are loved. Your program really helped heal my heart and helped me to let P.J. go. Thank you.

Rita Cummings    Illinois   

Jacque I had to write to tell you how grateful I am that we got to communicate through you before he went. He was only four years old and I kept fighting to keep him going but when you told me how he was trying to stay for me, it broke something for me. I thought he wanted me to fight for him. I didn’t understand that he was trying to fight for me, but he would leave his pain body if he knew I would be okay. It was hard to hear. I told him like you said, that it was okay for him to go and I swear he looked at me, sighed and was gone an hour later. I miss my buddy but it is good to know it is what he wanted.

Rick North    Washington   

My sister bought me the program because I was really having trouble getting on with things after my dog Ranger died. I let it sit around for weeks then started going through it. I like the mix of reading and listening. I like that it is two people and two voices. It was really helpful. I still miss Ranger of course but it helps to understand some of the animal view. And Aron’s stuff on guilt = Bam! Thanks man.

Daryl Hopkins, musician and software designer    Texas   

Aron's exercise enhanced the ability to actually be in communion with Romano as an exercise in comforting one another...even supporting each other in our now different worlds. It made that interior experience OK and beautiful.

Kate Martin, senior executive    Montana   

I have only read a few of the materials, but what I have read so far has been immensely helpful. It was so wonderful to make that first connection to ask her how her life was and realize that I can maintain that connection with her… to know that she’s gone from her physical body but not gone from my life. 
That understanding of the ongoing connection was a truly valuable gift. Thank you for that… it was the bridge I needed to the “possible” and to let go of the past. Your program was a wonderful gift that I hadn’t even realized I needed.
It was also so very helpful to learn that she wasn’t afraid to let go of her old and unhealthy body. I have really very little understanding of the “afterlife” and what happens after death. I am open to learning all that your materials will teach me.

Kathy Hargis    California   

The concise, deliberate wording and expression on the documents and MP3's were excellent and memorable in their impact, pace and gentleness conveyed. Thank you to both of you. Nice mix of things for my head and heart. Intellectual and deep. Much more than I expected.

Rachel Jacko, Law student    New York   

I would highly recommend this program. In fact two people came to mind immediately after completing it. I actually have a friend that loves her birds and often wonders about how they are on the "other side". Thank you for this program. It has brought me a lot of peace.

Janice Tyler, nurse at Providence Hospital    Wisconsin   

I wanted to let you know that I really think the program is great, it came at the perfect time for me and it has given me peace of mind that my dear beloved friend is fine. Wanted to thank you for this program and for all the wonderful help you have given me.

Linda McGinnis, Chiropractor    Colorado   

I wanted to let you know that I really think the program is great, it came at the perfect time for me and it has given me peace of mind that my dear beloved friend is fine. Wanted to thank you for this program and for all the wonderful help you have given me.

Lynda Bailey, vet tech and cat mom    Oregon   

Although I'm very familiar with similar techniques, Jacques breathing exercise provided an emphasis somehow on its ability to tap that deep grief and place within that seemed deeper than in other meditations. I could really feel her with me during the journey.

Jay Thomas, CEO    California   

I had two different vets out to the barn here and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Mr. Thom (my horse) but when you described what he was feeling in his foot and how it was for him to stand on it, it gave us something to go on. We had some tests run and we finally have a diagnosis. Thank you for saving my boy! This is treatable, unlike what the vets were thinking. Sometimes ya just gotta go to the horses mouth! Thanks Jacque.

Cindy Roberts, equine trainer & coach    California   

Communicating with my baby yorkie that passed away and communicating with our current Chorkie and finding out amazing things about our kids and our lives was so spot on it was almost scary it left it speechless and
It left us with more questions afterwards Jacqueline is amazing I will definitely be calling her again she has helped me and my husband emotionally and mentally and has helped us expand our knowledge on our decision making

Silvia T    Lacey,WA   


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